About Us

Yarn’n is passionate about improving the social and economic well being of Aboriginal people.

As a professional Aboriginal recruitment and employment development agency, Yarn’n has been at the forefront in creating and delivering new approaches and sustainable change. We pride ourselves on our continuously building our capability to offer innovative and fresh solutions for both candidates and employers.

From our beginning in 2006, Yarn’n has grown to become a leader in the Aboriginal recruitment and employment development space.

As a boutique agency with 80% of staff being Aboriginal people, Yarn’n places around 200 Aboriginal people into work every year with a more than 90% retention rate.

This retention rate isn’t luck or a fudge of figures. Rather, it is a clear demonstration of the talents, skills and commitment Aboriginal people offer employers and our ability to facilitate the match.

Our team are amongst the best in the business. Bringing together the best in Aboriginal employment development, recruitment services and cultural education and support.

Our team provide the foundation and the starting point for employers and candidates to build real and sustainable change through employment.