A VTEC Approach

The Yarn’n VTEC is characterised by our innovative and responsive approach to Aboriginal employment. One size doesn’t fit all and at times doesn’t fit the same employer who works in different locations across Australia.

An industry where our approach has been delivering real results for more than three years is the NSW health sector. Over this time, Yarn’n has placed more than 250 Aboriginal people into health sector employment with 92% maintaining that job for more than 6 months.

Foundations of our approach in the health sector include:

  • Job focused candidate preparation 

  • Employer centred recruitment initiatives and processes

  • Cultural support and assistance 

  • Outcome focused partnerships with reliable and skilled registered training organisations.

A recent example of our work with the sector is “Health Jobs Connect” a training and employment project aimed at placing 150 Aboriginal people into health sector employment by June 2015. 

Project successes to date include:

  • Development of a health sector preparation program which has led to 100% of participants gaining health sector employment

  • Development and delivery of a traineeship program for Aboriginal people as Trainee Assistant in Nursing (Acute Care)

  • Development of new recruitment processes which address the challenges faced by Aboriginal people in accessing employment and have led to streamlined recruitment of Aboriginal candidates

Our work in the health sector is in driven by the understanding that the employment of Aboriginal people across health occupations and facilities improves access to health services and programs by Aboriginal families and communities.