Yarn'n Difference

The Yarn’n Difference is our business strategy founded on our commitment to helping candidates and employers to achieve the change to which they aspire.

There is a story behind our work with every candidate, every employer and every community.  It's within this context of individuality that we offer the people, the intelligence, the commitment and dedication to make a real difference - The Yarn'n Difference

Keys to the Yarn’n Difference are our:

  • Engagement of candidates and employers to ensure we understand needs and aspirations and through this understanding developing innovative and meaningful services and solutions

  • Living our passion for candidate and employer success by being on purpose, every day

  • Meeting immediate needs whilst keeping candidate and employers future potential in mind

  • Being ambitious  and taking ownership of candidates and employers journey to success

  • What we do is different and how we do it makes a difference to Aboriginal people and employers.

At Yarn’n we measure organisational and individual performance using social, economic and well being indicators.

As such, we offer candidates and employers a broad range of services and support, specific to their individual needs and aspirations.

It’s the Yarn’n Difference that ensures the way we work and the services and support we provide lead to real and sustainable change.